Some cooking and baking..

There has been quite a lot going on in my kitchen the past few days. Especially, I’m getting back into a baking rhythm. I used to bake something every Saturday afternoon, to have something nice for the weekend and the days after. This didn’t really work out regulary anymore since the birth of my girl. But there have been quite some home baked pies and cakes here in the last few weeks. But let’s start with something not sweet, shall we? 🙂

We have been eating a lot less meat since I was in Heathers Vegan Workshop, which also had a lot to do with me struggling with pregnancy illness. Now this obstacle is gone, but the feeling of not needing meat is still there. So when we eat meat, I try to make a special dish with good quality meat. Every Friday there’s a nice little ecological market close to daycare, where I bought some deer meat last week. Sunday, this was turned into a lovely deer goulash (meat, carrot, onion, lots of mushrooms, garlic, laurel, salt, freshly grounded pepper, water and wine do most of the trick, adding the component time to it makes it wonderful). A recipe told me to add some tomato paste, after the cooking time (I let it simmer for over two hours) I was shocked by the fact that it tasted like tomato soup. So I took out half of the liquid, added more red wine and let the alcohol disappear. Some flour added to bind the whole, finished. It was really incredibly good..
But what to do with the leftover liquid? Next day, I felt like eating tomato soup for lunch. I took about 3/4 cup of the ‘bouillon’, added one can of tomatos, some Provencal seasonings, pepper and sea salt, let it simmer for a while and pureeing it afterwards. I had no idea how to make tomato soup, but it turned out lovely! Some cheese, tomato soup poured over it, a spoon of heavy cream on top, some fresh parsley, a warm toast: my lunch was fantastic.. And it was so easy! I’ll do it again..

There is another recipe I want to share with you, it gave me a very happy man in the house.. Actually, this was one of my favorite dishes as a child. We called it Poor Mans Dish, and it’s really a cheap and nice dish. So, here we go.
Take about 1kg of potatos, clean them and slice them thinly (somebody brought home some big ones.. I love that..). Try to keep them in order.

Now, make a mixture of 700ml milk (I used soy/oat and added some cream and water – just what I had at home, this also works), salt, pepper, nutmeg and about 5 cloves of garlic. Put the potatos in a greased baking pan (the bigger, the better. Give each potato slice as much room as possible. It will thank you with a lovely crust – my pans were definitely too small) and pour the milk mixture over it.

Put it in the oven for about 40 minutes at 200 Celsius / 400 Fahrenheit, until potatos are tender and have a nice dark crust (remember: mine did not turn out so nice because the pans are too small!). Enjoy!

Let’s now switch to the sweet part.. Monday I wanted to have a cake, and I decieded to make Kladdkaka, a Swedish sticky chocolate cake. It really is done in a total of 40 minutes. With total, I mean total. Litterary. Who doesn’t want a cake that quick? You need about ten minutes to stirr together the ingredients, than you bake it. The baking time differs from tast to tast and oven to oven, I bake it for 25 minutes. You might want to wait a little before starting to eat. You might. Or you just eat it straight from the oven. There is just one big negative thing to say about this cake. It is too small. Way to small. I had to hold back to save something for the next day. But let’s call this pregnancy related eating, shall we? My picture is not as nice as the one on the website where I found the recipe, and I didn’t even take time to put some powdered sugar on it, but here it goes:

If you got hungry, take a look at the website of Rebecka, you can find this recipe in January 2011. She is a Swedish young woman, sharing her Swedish recipes in English to all baking fans. I think it’s incredible..

Next time, I will show you my version of the Laura Ingalls Little House Apple Pie I made today (I got the Little House Cookbook from a dear friend, I am so happy!). My neighbour was impressed, she kept eating. I don’t think the pie will last until my next post. Only half of it left..

3 thoughts on “Some cooking and baking..

  1. Your post makes me want to don my apron, fuss over kitchen matters, and produce a lovely meal for my family and friends. It also makes me very hungry. 🙂 Thanks for the beauty of this post.

  2. Thanks for your kind words! It made me happy to see somebody liked my little post.. (And the kladdkaka is so easy, you’d be amazed! Get out your apron and give it a try! :))

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