The last bits

Right before lunch time, it was done. There is a perfectly clean, neat sewing room waiting for me to pick up some sewing. While organising all of my fabrics and yarns, I got so many ideas to work on. But I guess it will take a little more time, now that I am in the cleaning up mood, I see things to do about everywhere in my house. It’s like I’m preparing to move life inwards again, after the nice summer time. This makes it sound like summer is over. Actually we still had 27 degrees here today, so it hopefully will take some time. But you better be prepared..

I took all of my yarn together, being amazed where it all was, and sorted it out. Those are my yarn, I just love them (most of them).The yarn-in-between-brackets I took out and put them in a bag, I’ll bring it to the child care in our street. They will be happy :). There were a few, I was sure not to have bought. I must have brought them with me, gotten from my mother as a child to craft with. I was sure never to knit with those again. How my taste has changed..
The ones at the left I bought at the Hamburger Wollfabrik, I keep having problems with their old fashioned website, but the yarn is of a very good, professional quality. And the prices are really good. You can get everything there! (If you’re interested in buying there: the website doesn’t ‘understand’ having several tabs in your internet explorer. You’ll get as many shopping bags as tabs. You really need to use only one tab!)

After sorting out and organising, this was the result.
Some leftovers from last years moving functioned perfectly for keeping my yarn in place!

Last Wednesday I went to Frau Tulpe for the first time. I had only half an hour, but wanted to go! Until now I only visited their website, and being in the neighborhood I just couln’t resist. It is such a lovely shop! Actually I wanted to look for some ribbons, but I came home with two fat quarters, half a meter of lovely fabric and 20×2 small quarters. I think I was dancing on my way home..
Those are going to make lovely little shoes. Oh yes, twenty pair of lovely little shoes. Of course only for the shop I really want to open any time soon (why is my credit card not coming? You need a credit card for Etsy. It’s just not fair.. I don’t know why banks need so much time..).

There was this one fat quarter, it’s a Michael Miller Fabric. It is just waiting, asking to be used for a little girls apron. It is going to be wonderful! She’ll need to grow a little more ;), but hey, I can make the pattern already! Plenty of two-year-olds in the neighborhood to get the sizing kind of right.

After loving my yarn and my new and wonderful smelling while just washed new fabrics, I continued the organising. The final result will come without too many words now.

Finally I found a solution for saving my knitting needles, inspired by this post by Meg McElwee, who, of course, did it a little more stilish :). But hey, I’m happy..

As you can see, I recieved my swatches from Spoonflower. I can’t believe they gave me this booklet of swatches, including shipping from USA to Germany for only $1. And so quick! I’ll defenitely find a way to order there. I still need a way to get labels, I thought I might get it print on fabric and cut it out. Their prices are so reasonabe!

Now some knitting. This pullover was actually finished, but it got too wide at the waist (and a little too short), so I decided to make the waist part once again. It should get aroun 25 cm. Quite big, but it looked nice (eventhough it was too wide..). I’ll show you when it’s finished.

It would be nice it I make it before Autumn comes. Should be possible, even though I have lots of projects laying around here. And I decided, this year I really want to make a Christmas present for all of the close family members. I should get started!

This everyday blogging is going to work. I feel it..


Busy day part two..

So, an update was promised, and I even managed :). I got a whole lot further in creating a nice place to work, today! I left the little one in the hands of her dad this morning, ignoring all the sound I heard coming from the living room and continued working. It is getting very nice, even though I will need another day. The fabrics have a place where I can actually see them, all the paperwork is sorted out and I finally have my craft books there where I need them. Besides, I made a bread this morning, did five piles of laundry (just some ironing left over), started to sort out the yarn I have and spent some afternoon time with my girl. At the end, the things I coulnd’t clean up yet I put back in my sewing room (I can actually start calling this messy room like that..) and will wait for another day (tomorrow!) to get their final spot. This is what it looks like right now. Just so that you know what I did when I show you the final result tomorrow..


Well, I know.. Still needs a lot of work. But that will happen during nap time tomorrow! And an emportant thing, the closets are empty! This meens lots of place to tuck things in. Oh, that was thought for my yarn, yes. Which is not on the picture. Hmm. I’ll get it done!

Now there are some unfinished never-going-to-be-finished knitting projects I will tare up. Fun, fun, fun..

And then: a nice bath! In a just-cleaned bathroom. Love that.. 😀

Have a nice weekend!

Busy day!

I know.. This time I can’t just get by with posting another this moment on Friday. The blogging is just lovely, but I need to get into the ‘writing regulary’. It isn’t as easy as I thought it was.

But, I have been quite active the last days. We were on a short trip last week. And last Sunday we had a big First Birthday, so we had guests. Both of our parents came a long way to enjoy this special day with us, we were joined by a lot of neighbors with their children. The weather was wonderful, so we could celebrate outside. It was a lovely day. I didn’t have time to take pictures, but there were enough people with cameras.

Besides having to organise the party, I did a lot of knitting lately. And sewing too, actually. The pictures will come, but today I will show you what I did TODAY, not for a few days. I’ve had a lovely day today, very busy but filled with nice, home related things. I love those days.. After coming home of Fysio Therapy for Sara, I put her in her bed and started to do what I needed to do for two weeks now: I gave my plants some new dirt and more space. I enjoy this work so much! And Friday is the day I’m at home alone with my girl, so I can’t bother anybody else but myself. If you think, I should be able to put a plant from one basket into another without making mess, you’re wrong..

Oh, I love, love, love this kind of work..

 Well, actually, on the pictures it doesn’t look so bad.. And in the end, this is what was standing on my table:

Just in case anybody is interested: Hibiscus, Tamaya, Coffea, Tea, Clivia Gardeners Proud (Oh yes, it’s a perfect name..), African lilley, Cyprus Grass, Blue Lampion, Hoya, Frangipani, again a Tamaya, Perfume flower.. Mostly grown in my kitchen :).

I’m so happy I have it done now! After lunch, my baby decided she wanted to sleep a little more (?), and I took the chance to start to clean up my sewing room. Which is quite a nice name for the place where I have my sewing machine. Actually, it is the place where the dryer is, the food supplies are standing and a big table is, pretending to be there for my sewing. Or maybe more to put things on, like laundry, letters, laundry, iron, laundry, some unfinished projects and, oh, did I mention the laundry? This just needed to change! I took the chance I had (not having my dear one at home, asking me to think and speak about this a little longer), emptied all the closets and turned the (extremely heavy) table-with-screwn-on-closets in an impossible way in another corner, decided I would need another closet to (finally) store my fabrics in a nice way (I think a big moving basket is not the most attractive way to save those wonderful fabrics of mine), took one out of the kitchen and placed it on top of the table. This was getting incredibly good! Space for me and My Things! Completely peaceful I started sorting out my fabrics, folding them all with love and happiness in the same way. Then I heard my daughter wake up. And when I came back in the kitchen, my euphoric mood was gone in an instant. This is what I saw:

Somehow I managed to start cooking just this moment, with my baby (who’s officially toddler now, isn’t she?), and cleaning up the mess in between, to have everything back to the place it came from. I closed the door and decided to continue tomorrow. Then I can hopefully show you the result. It will be lovely. I hope..

To end with, a picture to show you my tomato plants on this very day! They had much bigger tomatoes already, but some of my dear guests stumbled at the door, falling exactly on the tomato plants. With a glass of wine in the hand. It made all of the fruits fall off. I don’t need to tell you how loud this was. And how many blue spots and hurting arms and legs on the next day.. But now is clear, the tomatoes recovered quicker than the person falling over them, and this is what they had to show me today:

Have a lovely weekend! Next time, a little less pictures, maybe.. 🙂