My busy little life

It happens to me every year. After summer, there is this feeling, this longing for the cool days to come. To get inside, to sit and knit with a cup of tea, for darkness enlightened by candles. I love it every time to move inside, to move forward to the quietness of the winter to come. With Autumn making its entrance in our lives again, I’m feeling the need to make my home cleaner, nicer, more organised, just to have it perfect when ‘it starts’. Of course, I never really manage all the things I ‘need’ to do, seasons aren’t waiting for me and there is always more to do. Last year I had a tiny little baby around this time of year,  I was slowly getting to know her, which took me a lot of time and energy. I was so happy I managed a Christmas tree.. This year, things are different. We have a good family rhythm now, and I am finding the time to ‘prepare’.

So much has been on my to do list lately, and I’m actually making a lot of process these days. Which gave me no time to actually write something in this place. I’m hoping for better times to come :). But with every day passing by, I can cross things on my list. With everything I did, I found new things to do, but the list is actually getting shorter now. There has been a lot of getting rid of things, almost all the closets in my house have been emptied completely. And there are just so many of those things. All those useless paperwork I keep saving, clothing I didn’t fit or wear anymore the past two years, and did you ever check your medicine cabinet? Expired, expired, expired.. So I brought tons of clothes and shoes to the charity containers around here, medicines back to the pharmacy, and so on. The bookshelf with our finance papers and study things is almost finished, the bookshelf with the ‘normal’ reading books is cleaned up, closet of us and our girl are organised, things brought to the children second-hand shop, one closet moved out of our quite small bathroom, giving us more space to move, things that came out of this closet sorted out, and so on. A wonderful thing we bought is our brand new dishwasher. This is increasing the mess in our little kitchen enormously. And we save a lot of time and water, since it only uses 6,5 liters to get our dishes clean (can you manage that with cleaning dishes by hand?). We love it.

So, actually there is just a lot of boring cleaning, preparing and organizing happening here. I have one more week planned like this, hopefully it will be done by then. So I can finally sit, knit, drink my cup of tea and enjoy the light of candles.

Have a nice weekend!


this moment

{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember [Soule Mama].

Have a nice weekend!

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