Yarn along

So what is a new pair of trousers without a new cardigan? Nothing, I know.. Right after finishing Saras Quick Change Trousers I realized, this trousers might be not so easy to combine. And we are definitely running short on comfy pullovers that are long enough (you know, the ones that also keep the under part of the back warm..) . She is just growing like mad, this little girl of mine! I had some very soft cotton in stash, in a shade of blue that I love so much – a little grayer than in the picture. It was ment to be a pullover for me, but it’s not knitting up so fast, I think I might manage to get us both some spring cardigans.

I’m using Linnea by Sanne Bjerregaard, you can find it on Ravelry. Usually I try the free patterns, but I loved the design and the simple elegance so much, that I gave it a try and bought a pattern. I’m so happy to say that it’s good! Worth the money.. It might get a little big – I hardly ever do a gauge – so I think it will last until autumn will tell me to knit a wool pullover again.

I like how it’s turning out so far. The only thing that’s really bothering me, is that I oversaw the note about the button holes: only the first is given, the rest you need to put in yourself. After knitting and knitting, I thought ‘shouldn’t there be a next button-hole somewhere?’, and saw the note. Sometimes, I’m just too quick and forget to read carefully. Now I’ll have to go back on a few stitches, but that will be fine.


Anna Maria Horners Quick Change Trousers – my very first

A while ago, there were (far too) many trousers in my girls closet, all in the same size, mostly bought on Ebay. Nice ones – the not-so-nice-ones were carefully sorted out and brought to the second-hand shop around the corner – but there were many, many of them. I decided to stop buying her clothes and to start making them myself more often, as I used to do when she was a newborn. Now it was time, with only one far too short pair of trousers and one far too tight pair of jeans in the closet. Handmade Beginnings by Anna Maria Horner was laying here for a while now, read and astonished but unused. I saw Amanda Soule make several of the Quick Change Trousers and actually liked them a lot, so I decided to give it a try.

I must say, the reverse thing was frightening me a little bit. But oh, was it easy! And oh, was it quick! And oh, though the fabric is a little over the top, do I like it.. I wanted to use a fabric leftover, but didn’t have enough. And as it is with me, this pair of trousers was needed now, this moment, not tomorrow after looking for the perfect fabric. And this needed now made me use this very floral, very spring like, very happy actually-ment-to-be-a-little-jacket corduroy fabric. The pattern is really good, I think, and more of those trousers are definitely going to come..

I’m sorry for the blurry pictures..

One week of growing

It’s February, I know.. But I figured I might not really be able to start gardening in March *ahem*, and April would be far too late for the feeling of spring I’m already having inside. So last week, on a beautiful Saturday morning, Sara and I prepared the garden and the indoor plants for the next season-to-come. Some plants were replaced, the indoor plants were repotted.
Sara enjoyed putting the dirt everywhere, I enjoyed to work with plants again and see how many of them actually started growing already. We made room for new herbs, raspberries and blueberries that will be delivered the end of march. There were some leftover strawberry plants from last years, that didn’t do anything last summer, so they will get some company by new ones, including forest strawberries, since I have a quite shady corner as well. At our bedroom window is a lot of lavender now, which is already smelling wonderful. Even though there was some new snow last week, all the plants survived the moving and digging – and the sweet pulling fingers of a little girl.
Inside, seeds were planted. Peas, Roma tomatoes, snow peas, gherkins, and green beans are going to be climbing here this summer – I hope.. There is basil, camomile, parsley, and chives. Also, I’m having corn salad for the first time, now growing inside, but there is a corner saved to have it grow outside, when the wetter gets more stable.

I bought a new little greenhouse to have at my kitchen window, but after six days, I couldn’t close it anymore. I really need to find a different solution for the fast-growers like the peas – of which 2 of 4 are broken already – beans, tomatoes and gherkins. The rest actually still needs some covering. Let’s see what I’ll get done today!

Snooze, little one

After blocking and sewing on buttons (at the most basic way I can imagine..) I finished the nursing bag. It is so, so soft! The baby will definitely feel warm and cozy.

The bottom of the piece is left open, to be able to touch baby’s feet when nursing (or cuddling). I noticed this was calming my daughter when she cried – or kept her from falling asleep after a minute of drinking. I put buttons on to make sure it wouldn’t open up too much. 

The little lace I couldn’t leave out. I just like this so much.. It’s a little girlish, ok, but the big wood buttons make up for that, I think. So if a baby boy is joining our family, I think this would be fine as well.  I put a diaper in it, to show the lace.

The yarn I used is Siena Big by Wolle Rödel, and the pattern doesn’t exist. It just came from my needles the way it did. And I must say, I am happy with the result.

A touch of Spring

Finally, temperatures have dropped way down, giving us ice and cold. Since I’m living in Berlin, winters here have been hard and it seems to get a little colder every year. I never thought I would ever witness -23, but now I did. And actually, it is just wonderful outside. The air is fresh and clean, the sky blue as on a hot summer day. It is just a little colder.

I can’t really tell you when the last time was. But he brought me flowers last Friday. And how I love them! Their colour brings so much freshness and spring into our kitchen. This, he can really do more often! I feel so happy looking at how they keep growing taller and opening up. And do you see the white sides on the leafs? Really fresh. I do like tulips a lot.

And look what I found in the mail today! Good, they might have been delivered yesterday (it’s cold, as I said). I’ve been looking for buttons to fit on the nursing bag I was knitting. I made very big button holes, I like big buttons. But the buttons I found at the craft stores were €10 each, needing three would make mama knitted things a quite expensive thing. I found those buttons at Ebay, for only €1,50 each! They’re handmade, of hazel, with the bark left on. I think they are great. And they fit my huge button holes perfectly.. I need to block the nursing bag today, and then sew them on! I’m exited..

The website of the maker looks a little funny to me, but the buttons are sturdy and well made. I will definitely look there again for buttons!

Birthday baking

Yesterday, I didn’t really got any further than baking myself some bread. Lately, I have been baking my bread at a low temperature to get the crust soft, but I took the wrong flour, so I decided to use my baking stone again. The result was having two wonderful breads, crackling (and dark – I like that) crusts included. And warm, fresh bread with good butter is the best birthday lunch I could have had.


I hoped to finish some special sewing yesterday. I expected to finish it today. So I might really, really finish it tomorrow. And then I’ll show you!

Happy weekend to all of you!

Baby knitting

Last week, my neighbour gave birth to a wonderful little boy. Hearing she was expecting, having the feeling this could be the case with me as well, was a nice thing to happen. With only six weeks distance between the two of us, it was fun to see what would be coming next for me. Now, her little boy arrived safely, quick and well. I knitted him an oh-so-tiny little sweater and I must say, I was pleased with the result.


It is the Ribbed Baby Jacket by Debbie Bliss, found here. I used Lambada cotton by Wolle Rödel, which has different shades of blue. What a quick knit! To make it fit a newborn, I just took smaller needles, Eur 3,5/US4.


Right now, I am waiting for quieter times to come. After having Sara fight a nasty infection including antibiotics, she got stomach flu right after it. The very day she got a little better, we both got a stomach flu as well. It took a long time for me to get back on my feet. Then Sara started with a nasty cold, and is now on antibiotics again because of the second serious infection. January hasn’t been good for us. Let’s hope February will bring more health into our family! There is a lot to share!