Gardening to the next level


We bought some land! It’s a 20 minutes drive, but: we are in the middle of nothing. Or, better said, in the middle of everything! Sheep, cows, pony’s, and a whole lotta fresh air.



The previous owners had the piece for two years and did nothing else but eat cherries (can’t blame them for that!). When visiting the garden for the first time in August last year, it was impossible to walk around, the nettle was growing higher than an adults length.


We started cutting with a scythe.


We (=he) spent the entire Autumn trying to cut down the nettle and to free the beds. We (=me) were digging like mad, and had no idea what we (=me again, he knows how to use his scythe) were actually doing. This is after quite a lot (!) of digging and sweating:


Over the winter, I started to read. Which vegetables and which fruit to plant, how to set up the beds, planning a tiny house for the weekends, and everything else. My friend kept saying something about permaculture, but that was for later, I thought. First start, and try to do things the normal way..


In march, I started to look after this whole permaculture-idea. And I was easily convinced that this is what makes most sense to me. Since I am the one in charge for the beds, I decided this is going to be the way. He thinks this is a great idea, but staying skeptical if it will work. We will see!


So thinks shifted enormously. All of my ‘plans’ were thrown out, and I started to rethink the whole space. Did I mention its size? We have a 146×18 Meter piece of land (the part shown in the picture is only half of it). We will need a wind barrier, and a pond to collect water and create living space for little animals. In my mind, the garden of Eden is already flourishing. Including frog sound in the evening.

We’ve already done a huge amount of work. The owner before the previous ones was a bird breeder. There were several enclosures that we have torn down in the last weeks, and the stables are due next weekend. I started to build the Hügelbeet structure with a little of digging, then I remembered we shouldn’t do that. So I stopped, and we will see what’s happening.


The first seeds are in the ground, both in the garden and at home. Let’s see what’s coming next!

Sun dress 

A little dress for my big girl. I used the Annie Dress Pattern and did some alterations, like the straps and the pleats on the front of the skirt as well as the size of the skirt in general, because I didn’t have enough fabric to make it fuller. She wanted it long, so long it got. How to use/where to put the elastic was not completely clear to me, so I just added elastic where needed. We both like the result!

The white fabric is a cotton, the pink is a super soft linen. It is just such a pleasure to touch! And the color is a vibrant raspberry. Sorbet Ice cream anyone?