February Baby Sweater

Off we go! The first finished project of my Zimmermann Year! I must admit, I am quite pleased with the result. It’s such a sweet little pattern..

February Baby Sweater 1

February Baby Sweater 2

The buttons are from Etsy, found here. I love them, they are so colourful.

February Baby Sweater 3

And if this is all the yarn leftover, you are a lucky knitter.

February Baby Sweater 4

Let’s see how this is going to be continued. I am not really a fan of March: ‘Difficult Sweater – Not Really’.. And the weaving blanket of April, well, let’s say, I’m not sure about that either.. I’ll just continue with the Aran of January! And there is an exciting project I casted on yesterday, but that’s for another post.
Oh, and did I mention: I REPAIRED MY SEWING MACHINE!!! I would need far more exclamation marks, bigger capitals, and many, many colours to express my happiness, but I won’t bother you with that. It’s moving again, that should do it for now. The rest of my singing, jumping and dancing you can imagine. Maybe.


Our Little Walk

We started to take walks this week. I’m not a walker. I don’t like going around the block. It feels so useless to me. But my little man needs to come outside more often (and I do as well), because there is just so much so see. The weather has been quite nice the past few days, so I took my chance. Now that he’s sitting in the pram (kinda, hanging might be more the case, but COME ON, he’s 11 months now! I want to show him the world!), we’re watching the dogs, feeding the ducks, and he is speaking all the way. He enjoys it. Then we come back home, have lunch and take a little nap/knit. That’s the good life. We both feel so much better!

Our Little Walk 1

Our Little Walk 2

Our Little Walk 3

What was it again? Spring is just around the corner?

The Experimenting Kitchen

So, there we go. Experiments in my kitchen. I’m now making my third batch of yoghurt. I made yoghurt years ago, but it didn’t really work out the way I wanted, so I gave up. Now it’s time for a new start for the yoghurt maker and me. Maybe we become friends someday. At least this 2nd batch was quite all right.

Yesterday I got a nice little package. I ordered Kombucha, Water Kefir and Milk Kefir online. I did have Water Kefir before, but I didn’t manage to keep it alive for more than two months. This really was years ago (and then I mean three times as long as the yoghurt thing..). But I really enjoyed the taste, so I’ll give it another try. My life is by far more structured than it was at that time, so it should work.Image


The first ‘harvest’ will be tomorrow. I’m so excited!


Pomegranate Breakfast Drink

Right now, I’m sipping on a drink. Breakfast in a glass. Pomegranate, homemade yoghurt (I managed to get a better batch than my first attempt of this year), oats. Call it what you like, Smoothie, Detox Drink, Healthy Drink, Pomegranate-Pear-Banana-Shake. But give it a try, it’s lovely.

You’ll need:
1 pomegranate
1 pear
1 banana
4-5 tablespoons rolled oats
(homemade) yoghurt to double the amount of juice/oats, about half a liter or 2 cups

First, prepare the pomegranate. I always had trouble doing this (so I never really bought them frequently), but I saw this video lately that changed everything.. Take a look if you love the taste, but don’t know how to handle the splashing-around. I found that leaving them to soak for a few minutes makes the white even softer and the whole thing even easier.

Puree pear and banana, I used a regular hand blender. Generally add the pomegranate. This will make the whole thing thinner. If you have trouble with only the pear and banana, you might want to add a little splash of water. For me it worked out fine without, the pear is giving a lot of juice.
When all of the pomegranate has been added, add the oats. Puree until smooth. It will be rather thick now. Double the amount of juice with the yoghurt and enjoy.

This made about 1 liter. Jummy, healthy, just right. The photo might be blurry (I was hungry, hah), this didn’t affect the taste ;).

Pomegranate Breakfast Drink

There definitely is a different smell outside. It’s still too early to say, and frost will probably still come, but I start thinking about spring..

My Zimmermann Year

Last year, I bought the Knitter’s Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmermann. I didn’t really read it, nor did I knit anything. After fighting with a yarn I bought for a sweater for my husband, I took this little green book, and had a good laugh. How I love her way of thinking, her way of writing, and her common sense. And the patterns and thoughts about self-thinking knitting are delightful to read. So many times now, I bought or saw books about knitting containing just bad-made, not-fitting patterns. And, sorry if I say so, I do think I can knit a little, so those patterns are just too easy and unchallenging to me.

Now I was so happy to have found a woman kind-of writing down my feelings, with this lovely sense of humor she had. So I decided to give it a go and start at the Aran she’s dealing with for January. There was a lot of ripping. There was even more calculating (I LOVE calculating, LOVE this little bit of knitting maths – oh, I really enjoy that part of making new things). And now I’m on my way to a cardigan for my love. This yarn (Royal Tweed, Wolle Rödel) is still frustrating me, but the thing is turning out nice, warm and cozy.

My Zimmermann Year 1

The reason I bought this book, was that I finally wanted to have the pattern for the February Baby Sweater. And -what a coincidence- my neighbor was expecting a little baby girl, so after I started the Aran, I started the baby sweater. Oh, I will need all of those woman’s books! This is soothing my knitting frustration, this is so inspiring!

My Zimmermann Year 2

So, baby girl, born last Monday, I do need some time to finish this little handknit of yours. And your mama needs some rest first, so you’ll have to wait a few more days. But I think, it will look lovely. I’ll give my very best..

My Zimmermann Year 3

I’m curious to see how far I’ll get with the Zimmermann year!