A second dress

Another sewing project for my girl. She is happy as can be!


Sun dress 

A little dress for my big girl. I used the Annie Dress Pattern and did some alterations, like the straps and the pleats on the front of the skirt as well as the size of the skirt in general, because I didn’t have enough fabric to make it fuller. She wanted it long, so long it got. How to use/where to put the elastic was not completely clear to me, so I just added elastic where needed. We both like the result!

The white fabric is a cotton, the pink is a super soft linen. It is just such a pleasure to touch! And the color is a vibrant raspberry. Sorbet Ice cream anyone?

Red red

Did you see the movie ‘The Tango Lesson’ by Sally Potter? You should. And you’ll want the coat in the final parts. Just like my friend did when she showed me the movie. And when I heard she found the sewing pattern to make the coat, I immediately tried to get it. 

Just like the movie itself with its great views and pictures, switching from color to black/white scenes, the costumes are the most wonderful to look at.

I don’t often do red. I feel like it’s not the color suiting me best. But when I got my hand on the #ButterickB5425 pattern, I knew it hat to be something extraordinary. So I jumped into new land and got my hands on some fine, red woolen fabric. 

I absolutely love how it worked out. Many people have asked me where I got this lovely coat. It was not that hard to sew, actually, I just tried to be very exact. And it got me a little movie job. I acted! It was fun..

This one’s from ‘the set’:

I’m ready to get back to blogging. I’ve missed it. So get ready for some catch-up-work..