My List

Sigh. There we go. My promised list of reminders, goals, or plans, whatever I should call it. Maybe reminders is the best word. I won’t get everything done, but I will keep looking at it to keep me going. Now you really know me..

My own sanity
– Get through the application for my study (act like it’s in my hands)
– Go to bed early
– Get up early
– Do sports
– Get stronger, healthier
– Try new things
– More today, less tomorrow
– Make more music, practice singing, take back the violin, learn something new
– Read at least one book a month

– Finish at least one pullover for my husband
– Finish projects in general / empty my knitting shelf
– Sew on buttons
– Empty my pile of mendables
– Learn Fair Isle
– Knit all of the knits myself, instead of buying knits
– Get the sewing machine repaired or, if impossible, finally buy a new one and use it more often
– Make a key cabinet
– Make as much as possible with my own two hands
– Try to get through the Knitters Almanacs year
– Do more crafting with the kids
– Make more pictures

– Start making yoghurt again – like regularly
– Bake the daily bread for me and the kids
– Eat better, more regularly, and take it into the hospital in case that’s where we are
– Make meal plans
– Experiment with kombucha / kefir

– Declutter, declutter, declutter
– Make day plans
– Be a better money manager
– Plan the garden better – use resources like, uh, books?
– Stick to homemade laundry powder
– Finish the last ‘official’ to-do list I have, and then don’t let new ones come up, so:
– Do things immediately, don’t let the pile of paperwork grow and grow
– Remember that oh so often, ‘less’ means more time to enjoy


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