Check, check

Hi there! I’m so happy that you’re here! I’m not even going to mention where I have been. I think you can imagine. There has been a whole lot seen, a whole lot that needed to be over thought.

Let’s get back to my little list, shall we? Just to get straight that I DID do something creative after all..
I started playing guitar! There is a whole idea behind it, but let’s just start with that little fact. I’m running! And getting better.. I’ve had my sewing machine repaired (only need to pick it up. You see, I did get it going again, but when I was ready to sew, I couldn’t get my yarn up.. Something was twisted). I didn’t buy any knits at all anymore, instead I’m knitting like a mad woman for a nice summer sweater. My husbands pullover (ment to be a Christmas gift. Than a birthday gift. Now his Autumn Aran.. Which sounds the best of all!) needs only two more sleeves.. I made a key cabinet, all by myself, from scratch, without anybody telling me how. I declutter the *everything* out of me. I’m trying to do things immediately, and the house DOES look better. And: I’m applying. I want to study again. I send the first forms out today, a next package is going to be finished and sent next week. The one of today was for Meds School. Think I’m getting crazy, having two kids, one seriously ill, thinking about studying meds? I might be.. But I so hope they will let me in. I can’t wait!

And: the garden, the garden. I did do the books thing. And it grabbed me even more this year. Now at least I feel like I know what I’m doing. This year might be a good year. There are 12 normal tomato plants, 4 cherry tomatoes, 2 yellow tomatoes, 2 pumpkin, 2 zucchini, different kinds of lettuce, radish, chard, celery, celeriac, scallion, carrots, rhubarb, potato, garlic.. Peas, green beans, sugar snaps. Raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, blackcurrant. Please tell me to stop listing now.. Ok, and a whole lot of blooming things. Cosme, orchids, borage, lavender, Calendula, oh my. I’m doing the urban gardening in pots. I love it!

And a little house for the insects to stay..
Check, check 1

Check, check 2