Oil cleansing, day three, and preparations

Yesterday I had a night out (!!!) and didn’t feel like cleansing at night. You know, mothers of young children combined with being overly sleep deprived going to a cafe at night. I drank a looot of coffee before I went there, but, well.. I was kinda tired when I reached my bed at one.. Might be getting old, hah :-).
But I did cleanse this morning. It was a good feeling after this (ridiculously short) long night out, to have a little beauty moment in the morning kinda made my day. I don’t have any tense feelings anymore at day three. I’m quite surprised, really. And no nasty unwelcome spots arise in my face, thank you very much.

I finished the pajama pants this morning! I made the ‘basic pocket pants’ from -again- ‘growing up, sew liberated’, by Meg McElwee, eliminated the pockets but kept to the pattern. I like the result.

He put the whole thing on and it was just so adorable! He loves the animals. It’s a Robert Kaufman fabric, I fell in love with it and paid for it with my eyes closed. Only at home I saw the name and it got clear to me, why I fell in love: it’s just really good quality, with very bright colors. Easy to iron, no fraying. What’s not to love?

Then I finished the last thing on my list: a toiletry bag. I improvised on this one, I didn’t have a pattern. Last summer I made myself a toiletry bag, and now made a different one for my boy. The size is exactly right to get his shampoo fit, and new toothpaste and toothbrush are packed. Tomorrow morning at 7:30 he needs to be in the hospital, and the examinations will start. It will be a busy day, and last preparations will be made. Friday morning we’ll bring him to the operation room. We are a little.. Tensed.. But he will be fine. He’ll have to, having all the animals watching over him!

The big frog cuddly (handmade! Whoop whoop!) was a present he got in daycare today. We wanted life to be as normal as possible for him, and he loves to be there and play with his friends. We are very grateful they were accepting a child like him, he has a carer that’s there only for him, to look after him and is free to stay with him in case of emergency. It has never happened, but we feel very safe. Anyway, she told me they gave him a present with the group today, and if I thought he would be allowed to bring it with him in the hospital. She had a hard time saying bye today. I thought it was just the most wonderful thing to see. Everybody loves him. It is giving us a lot of strength.


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