Oil cleansing day two, and other things

This was the second oil cleansing day! I really love the feeling after the treatment, it is unbelievable! I had some problems removing all of the oil yesterday night though, I need to take care of the eyes and hairline parts. It feels very heavy if there are any oil residues. In the morning, only use a towel and some hot water to steam the night away. My skin is a little tense afterwards, so I just dip my fingers I the oil and put a little on, then I’m fine for the whole day. I have a very dry skin at the moment, so I think about changing to almond oil as my secondary oil. Anyone has experience with it? I already think that, after two treatments, my skin is less dry. I might just have to give it a little more time..

I’ve been spending hours in my studio the last couple of days (I have a studio!!! Since this summer, but I finished renovating in November, then it got too cold and too much to do, so I didn’t really use it yet – until now!) sewing for my kids. At Monday Sara will have a dress up party and she wants to be a princess (almost done!), and this Friday will be the next open heart surgery of out little hero, so he needs new pajamas. Here’s the shirt, I made it today:

I used Meg’s pattern ‘heartwarming reversible baby sweatshirt’ from her book ‘growing up sew liberated’ to get the pattern for the main pieces, but didn’t make it reversible, added two inches length at the bodice part for my tall boy, and added straps on the front side instead of having a part of fabric to go at the back of the child, which would mean some toddler throwing after surgery, which I wanted to, well, NOT do. Having little satin bands at each side, we can put this on laying flat, and open it quickly when the doctors come in to examine.
He loved it so much, he didn’t want to take it off.

The trousers are going to be finished tomorrow, they’ll have to, since that’s my last day. He’ll get it at Thursday morning, op at Friday morning very early. Give him a nice thought, please! He’s the best!



2 thoughts on “Oil cleansing day two, and other things

  1. Hey Marijke! I use a Rosehip Oil from Pai Skincare as a moisturiser and it’s great. Or the Argan Oil from Kahina Giving Beauty. I even have Milo using oils!! : ) Haha! Do you know the book No More Dirty Looks? Was a bit of a shock to read this for me. Let me know if you want to borrow it and I’ll send it over. Love reading your posts! Liebe Grüße, Liz

  2. Hey Liz! Thanks.. Rosehip is a good idea.. I don’t know the book, would love to borrow it! And I’m not yet family-sharing all my experiments immediately ;-), but I might convince him in a while.. Liebe Grüße!!

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