February Baby Sweater

Off we go! The first finished project of my Zimmermann Year! I must admit, I am quite pleased with the result. It’s such a sweet little pattern..

February Baby Sweater 1

February Baby Sweater 2

The buttons are from Etsy, found here. I love them, they are so colourful.

February Baby Sweater 3

And if this is all the yarn leftover, you are a lucky knitter.

February Baby Sweater 4

Let’s see how this is going to be continued. I am not really a fan of March: ‘Difficult Sweater – Not Really’.. And the weaving blanket of April, well, let’s say, I’m not sure about that either.. I’ll just continue with the Aran of January! And there is an exciting project I casted on yesterday, but that’s for another post.
Oh, and did I mention: I REPAIRED MY SEWING MACHINE!!! I would need far more exclamation marks, bigger capitals, and many, many colours to express my happiness, but I won’t bother you with that. It’s moving again, that should do it for now. The rest of my singing, jumping and dancing you can imagine. Maybe.


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