Our Little Walk

We started to take walks this week. I’m not a walker. I don’t like going around the block. It feels so useless to me. But my little man needs to come outside more often (and I do as well), because there is just so much so see. The weather has been quite nice the past few days, so I took my chance. Now that he’s sitting in the pram (kinda, hanging might be more the case, but COME ON, he’s 11 months now! I want to show him the world!), we’re watching the dogs, feeding the ducks, and he is speaking all the way. He enjoys it. Then we come back home, have lunch and take a little nap/knit. That’s the good life. We both feel so much better!

Our Little Walk 1

Our Little Walk 2

Our Little Walk 3

What was it again? Spring is just around the corner?


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