More nupps, more yarnovers

Oh yes, she was so happy with the little present she got, my mother in law. Now, days, weeks, ages after Christmas, I finally present to you: drummroll my most-recently finished project (hah, you know, I’m kinda good in knitting, but way less good in finishing 😉 ).

More Nupps, More Yarnovers 1

The pattern is from this book, which I think is absolutely fantastic. It’s not only giving you lots of patterns, but also a guide to create your own, as well as a history of the Estonian lace knitting, written in a nice and elegant way. I just loved to read all of the information Nancy Bush is giving, as well as to look at the pretty pictures of times long passed. I really recommend this book to all of you!

More Nupps, More Yarnovers 2

More Nupps, More Yarnovers 3

I knitted the shawl with *ugh* sock yarn. This was just what I had on hand, and since I started only one week before the final deadline of sending gifts, there was no time to look for ‘better’ yarn. So, what I’d never dared to dream: this is just the perfect yarn for a shawl just a little bit thicker than a real lace shawl, making it a little warmer as well. And the best is: it is just so stable! I had no problem whatsoever opening the lace, and the shape it has just stays way better that with the Swallowtail Shawl. It can be machine washed as well. She is being so careful with it, because she finds it so delicate, but I silently know it isn’t.
Ravelry notes found here!


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