Last Friday, I lost my Swallowtail Shawl. I love my shawl. I really love my shawl. But in the rush of packing boxes, bringing them to the mail, running errands, I suddenly noticed: it’s gone. It was dark outside. I’m night blind. It was freezing (I did have another shawl under the one). I had two crying kids. I went a Huge Way. By foot, of course. So I sighed, sighed again, and gave up. I was sad. I love that shawl!

Saturday morning, I took the bike, just to know that at least, I tried. Not far from home, at the complete other side of the street, I spied a vibrant blue, bound to a traffic light. You read the word bound? Silk, cashmere, bound, ouch, but anyway, bound to a traffic light – it was there! Somebody did notice it was too good to lay on the ground, and rescued my shawl.. And nobody took it home, which made me so happy! Poor little shawl probably spent the (dry!) night with a knot, and smells like outside. Not the nice, woody kind of outside, more the next-to-a-big-street kind of outside. The rests of the knot probably will disappear after a warm bath, so will the smell. I am just a lucky person. And this vibrant blue? I like it more every time I see it.

Blue 1

Blue 2


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