Yarn along

Not that there isn’t enough to knit already, but I went to the LYS last Thursday and bought some yarn (just like I did one week before). Now I have 2 pullovers on the needles (one of them I’ll probably never finish), a cardigan that’s in need of alterations, big plans and piles of wool for a girls pullover, same for a boys pullover – though the plans are a little more vague, wool for a boys hat, wool for a girls hat-and-mittens to go with coat 1, and the same to go with coat 2. And now there is another project. On the needles, processing very well. My second lace project. My very first beads project. Combined this will be lace-with-beads. You get it.
I got some great help, putting 240 (minus some that are now somewhere on the floor) beads on the yarn.

I only need somebody to move the beads when I knit. This is taking me forever.

Should I say I bought the yarn about 15 minutes after I tried on My Dress? Maybe not.. This is my secret project. Which I’m knitting on next to him on the couch. He’s watching the game anyway..

Oh, I love those little fingers..


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