Saying Hi

So here we are, October, golden and red. It is a time of year I really enjoy, the time the dusty green of summer transforms to all shades of red. The beautiful sunny fall days, cooler temperatures. Tea, looking for chestnuts, being inside. I just love it.
Summer has past in a blink of the eye, so it seems. There have been quite a lot of nice summer days, which I mostly spent in the hospital – or at home, recovering from the hospital, after which we went in again.. When we were finally out ‘for real’ and I felt like getting grip on my life again – I started running! – I got myself a pneumonia and was in bed for two weeks, with high fever. That’s how I spent the last really hot days of the year. I’ll try to have a different summer next year :).
But the very, very good news is, that our little boy recovered very well from his first open heart surgery. We were so scared to lose him, but he managed everything remarkably well. We’re just so thankful for his strength and the wonderful doctors that are helping us. It has been the most intense six months of my life, and I can’t imagine much that would stress our little family more, but we are all just fine! We know there is a lot more to come, a more complicated surgery, after that repeating surgeries to keep our boy in a good state, but for now, things are getting a little quieter. This might even last for a few years. We’re hoping and hoping and hoping, getting more confident after each examination.

Now that we are all fine again, I want to return in this place more often.  There is so much I’m doing at the moment. There was not much (no..) harvest, only some strawberries, raspberries, herbs and calendula. I made a salve for the first time – oh no, I actually made two, after I’d fried overheated the calendula the first time. I finished some trousers for our Little Man, knitted myself a cardigan, made our birthday girl an apron, finished curtains, made wedding invitations (!!!), and so on..

Yes, we are -finally- getting married! There’s still a lot to do, and the day is getting closer and closer. The 2nd of November it will be. I hope it won’t rain too much.. But more about this in another post. For now, this was just to say Hi again, and to tell you I’m back..


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