Swallowtails on a wire

May I introduce you to *trumtrumtrum*: My Very First Lace Project! A spring shawl.. I now know what ‘from the top down’ means (the long side is the top.. Even though it started with only 7 stitches; and I kept wondering how they had pulled it to get those pretty tails out of the main pattern.. I’ll keep on learning ;)), I know that I do not, I repeat, Do Not, like knitting nupps, and that blocking wires actually ARE quite helpful..

It took me a while to find something suitable to use as wires. I used 1,6mm V2A stainless (!) steel, Schweißdraht is what it’s called here. I felt pretty cool asking for that in shops, not really understanding the explanation of the shop owner (quite amazed I think about a young woman asking for something like this, knowing v2a – which was of course the only thing I knew..) about other steel possibilities. In the end, I bought them on eBay, because I couldn’t find them in the local shops.

The knitting was finished yesterday evening – it only took me two weeks of knitting a few rows in the evening, I blocked the piece today. Correction, I am blocking it right now. It might take a while for it to dry (aka the living room might be no-go-area for the next two days), but I wanted to share it immediately. I’m a little proud of my work.. I think it’s amazing how you get from this:

… to this:

This opening up is such a wonderful thing!

Now to the project! I used a skein of Manos del Uruguay Lace, which I bought at the ecological market for a while. It’s a 70% Alpaca, 25% Silk and 5% Cashmere yarn, and it was amazing to work with. The color shades are absolutely beautiful, I think. I’m just in love with this yarn. Which I should be, because it was the most expensive yarn I’ve ever had.. But I was caught by the color the minute I saw it, so I had to bring it home.
I knitted the Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark, a free Ravelry pattern. Knitting nupps made it a little more complicated. Actually, this isn’t a hard thing to do, just a little annoying. And time-consuming. But it looks lovely now!

This was just FUN! Just needed to do something else, all those ‘easy peasy patterns’ made me nuts. I will start another lace project soon, I’m sure. For this project, my Ravelry notes can be found here. It’s amazing what you can make with so little yarn. This didn’t even took me my 50g. Now what to do with the rest of this lovely..


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