Anna Maria, Linnea and Sara

They fit so well together, those three. I never thought I would get it done ‘in time’, this vest and a second Quick Change Trousers.

This trousers were not as easy as the first I made, I must admit. First, there was a little fabric problem. I really wanted to use this corduroy fabric, but I didn’t have enough. It was a little leftover piece from a skirt of mine, but I couldn’t get four leg pieces out of it. I tried and tried and tried, and came up with the following: I took away one inch on the outside of the leg pieces, and therefore added a stripe in the width of the fabric in between the leg parts. Also for this I didn’t really have enough fabric, so instead of taking a 2″ stripe of fabric, I used only a 1″ stripe. This means, the legs are about 1″ more tight than the pattern says.

I didn’t want to add a contrasting fabric on the back, but made the back pieces in the width of the fabric as well. So there is a contrast, but it’s not so big, making this trousers more easy to combine.

When sewing the lining and outer fabric together at the waistband, my sewing machine stopped. Just stopped! It gave up! Needle downwards.. There was no movement at all  possible anymore. Did I mention it was late at night? And that I still had some curtains to finish as well – preferably using a sewing machine? After a lot of screwing and taking apart my sewing machine, I was somehow able to get the needle out. Trousers saved. I’ll spare you the rest.. On the next day, Ivo worked for hours to take it apart completely. We now know where the problem is – it’s not the motor. But we don’t know WHAT the problem is – so it might be the motor.. I was in despair a little bit. So much still to be done, then problems like this.. I started sewing curtains by hand, but then a neighbor kindly gave me her sewing machine to finish my work! I’m so happy she was so generous, even though she has had bad experiences with lending her sewing machine – a friend returned it broken. Anyway, now I was able to finish my curtains (2x – coming soon!) and the trousers in a day.

The pullover gave me less trouble, though it went a lot shorter after blocking (which made me wonder). I might add two more figures to the length, but for now, it’s fine. I’m happy to have it finished! I’m starting to bite my nails though, it’s time for a new project..


One thought on “Anna Maria, Linnea and Sara

  1. You did a great job. The day I read about your machine, I wished I were closer to loan you one of mine. So glad someone else stepped up to the plate for you.
    Sara is just adorable. How blessed she is to have such a creative mom.

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