Dear due day…

… I never thought we would meet. I have been thinking a lot about you, the past few weeks. But I didn’t expect you to come and show your face, while I’d be still pregnant. Oh, how I had the feeling this would be a February child! But February passed, and even though the baby tried for one day, it decided to stay a little longer.
It feels so funny, meeting you. From now on, every day will get more and more exciting. I never thought I would feel happy to actually meet you in this stage, but I am. And you chose a wonderful day as well. There is sun, there are birds singing, it’s spring. And I will enjoy you today!

Dear baby,

I’m so excited to meet you soon. We are ready for you, things are prepared. But for now, the two of us will just enjoy this time together, as long as you’d like to stay ‘us’, until you want to meet the world. I feel fine, having you where you are. Take your time, my little one. Take as much time as you want. Just know you’re so welcome.


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