On homemade laundry powder

Oh, I’m so happy with this! After reading about homemade laundry powder over and over again, I decided to give it a go. I was a little frightened about the whole thing, I must say, but it works. It is so easy and quick to make! There is definitely not so much of (chemical) flowery smell on our clothes as we were used to, but there is not really any other smell as well, except for a touch of lavender somewhere. And I can live with that! Laundry is clean, mummy is happy.

I’ve been searching for the perfect recipe, which, of course, I did not find. There are usually four ingredients: soap, baking soda (natriumbicarbonat), washing soda (natriumcarbonat – not to be confused with each other! One is edible, one isn’t. Anyway, don’t eat laundry powder.. :p) and borax.

Borax was something I had to search for, it’s not being sold here anymore. I had the pharmacy order it for me, actually doubling the total costs. Coming home I noticed all the warnings on the package (causing damage to the lungs when inhaled, causing damage to the child in the uterus when inhaled, causing infertility when inhaled..), which makes this a one-time-thing. There are many recipes just leaving out the borax, I’ll do that next time. It’s killing bacterias more effectively, which is good for the diapers-to-come (more about that in another post), but I’ll find a different solution for that. The idea was to have something that’s better for the environment, knowing that what’s in it isn’t bad for you, and saving some money. Borax is definitely failing on all three of those points.

3 cups of olive oil (castile) soap – my bars are scented with lavender essential oil, are 100% vegetal and were 110 g each, giving me 3 cups when grated (I used the cheapest one I could find -without a huge ingredient list- for trying out, but am actually content about this one. And I understand what’s in it: olive oil, some palm oil, lavender essential oil. Does the trick for me.).
1,5 cup of baking soda
1,5 cup of washing soda
1,5 cup of borax – can be left out

Finely grate the soap, this took me only about 10 minutes. You can just use a grater with big holes, it will be fine enough. Stir in other ingredients (outside and with nose/mouth covered if you use borax!) and store in an air tight container. Use 1/8 cup for a full load. Do not use on wool, because of the sodas.

The water here is really hard. The good thing about this laundry powder is, that we don’t need to add extra water softener. The baking soda is doing this job. Also, laundry comes out soft enough to put away the softener. If you’d like laundry to be a little bit softer, you could put a little bit of vinegar where you usually put your softener. You won’t smell it! As soon as laundry is dry, the smell is gone, I found. But our dryer makes the laundry soft anyway, I might start adding some vinegar as soon as the weather is good enough to dry our laundry outside again.

Yes, yes, I’m so content with this!


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