Yarn along

So what is a new pair of trousers without a new cardigan? Nothing, I know.. Right after finishing Saras Quick Change Trousers I realized, this trousers might be not so easy to combine. And we are definitely running short on comfy pullovers that are long enough (you know, the ones that also keep the under part of the back warm..) . She is just growing like mad, this little girl of mine! I had some very soft cotton in stash, in a shade of blue that I love so much – a little grayer than in the picture. It was ment to be a pullover for me, but it’s not knitting up so fast, I think I might manage to get us both some spring cardigans.

I’m using Linnea by Sanne Bjerregaard, you can find it on Ravelry. Usually I try the free patterns, but I loved the design and the simple elegance so much, that I gave it a try and bought a pattern. I’m so happy to say that it’s good! Worth the money.. It might get a little big – I hardly ever do a gauge – so I think it will last until autumn will tell me to knit a wool pullover again.

I like how it’s turning out so far. The only thing that’s really bothering me, is that I oversaw the note about the button holes: only the first is given, the rest you need to put in yourself. After knitting and knitting, I thought ‘shouldn’t there be a next button-hole somewhere?’, and saw the note. Sometimes, I’m just too quick and forget to read carefully. Now I’ll have to go back on a few stitches, but that will be fine.


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