One week of growing

It’s February, I know.. But I figured I might not really be able to start gardening in March *ahem*, and April would be far too late for the feeling of spring I’m already having inside. So last week, on a beautiful Saturday morning, Sara and I prepared the garden and the indoor plants for the next season-to-come. Some plants were replaced, the indoor plants were repotted.
Sara enjoyed putting the dirt everywhere, I enjoyed to work with plants again and see how many of them actually started growing already. We made room for new herbs, raspberries and blueberries that will be delivered the end of march. There were some leftover strawberry plants from last years, that didn’t do anything last summer, so they will get some company by new ones, including forest strawberries, since I have a quite shady corner as well. At our bedroom window is a lot of lavender now, which is already smelling wonderful. Even though there was some new snow last week, all the plants survived the moving and digging – and the sweet pulling fingers of a little girl.
Inside, seeds were planted. Peas, Roma tomatoes, snow peas, gherkins, and green beans are going to be climbing here this summer – I hope.. There is basil, camomile, parsley, and chives. Also, I’m having corn salad for the first time, now growing inside, but there is a corner saved to have it grow outside, when the wetter gets more stable.

I bought a new little greenhouse to have at my kitchen window, but after six days, I couldn’t close it anymore. I really need to find a different solution for the fast-growers like the peas – of which 2 of 4 are broken already – beans, tomatoes and gherkins. The rest actually still needs some covering. Let’s see what I’ll get done today!


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