Snooze, little one

After blocking and sewing on buttons (at the most basic way I can imagine..) I finished the nursing bag. It is so, so soft! The baby will definitely feel warm and cozy.

The bottom of the piece is left open, to be able to touch baby’s feet when nursing (or cuddling). I noticed this was calming my daughter when she cried – or kept her from falling asleep after a minute of drinking. I put buttons on to make sure it wouldn’t open up too much. 

The little lace I couldn’t leave out. I just like this so much.. It’s a little girlish, ok, but the big wood buttons make up for that, I think. So if a baby boy is joining our family, I think this would be fine as well.  I put a diaper in it, to show the lace.

The yarn I used is Siena Big by Wolle Rödel, and the pattern doesn’t exist. It just came from my needles the way it did. And I must say, I am happy with the result.


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