A touch of Spring

Finally, temperatures have dropped way down, giving us ice and cold. Since I’m living in Berlin, winters here have been hard and it seems to get a little colder every year. I never thought I would ever witness -23, but now I did. And actually, it is just wonderful outside. The air is fresh and clean, the sky blue as on a hot summer day. It is just a little colder.

I can’t really tell you when the last time was. But he brought me flowers last Friday. And how I love them! Their colour brings so much freshness and spring into our kitchen. This, he can really do more often! I feel so happy looking at how they keep growing taller and opening up. And do you see the white sides on the leafs? Really fresh. I do like tulips a lot.

And look what I found in the mail today! Good, they might have been delivered yesterday (it’s cold, as I said). I’ve been looking for buttons to fit on the nursing bag I was knitting. I made very big button holes, I like big buttons. But the buttons I found at the craft stores were €10 each, needing three would make mama knitted things a quite expensive thing. I found those buttons at Ebay, for only €1,50 each! They’re handmade, of hazel, with the bark left on. I think they are great. And they fit my huge button holes perfectly.. I need to block the nursing bag today, and then sew them on! I’m exited..

The website of the maker looks a little funny to me, but the buttons are sturdy and well made. I will definitely look there again for buttons!


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