Yarn along

There it is, my picture.. Isn’t it stunning? Worthwhile waiting for? *wink* It took me another 30 minutes today..

I’m having some trouble uploading pictures, I’ll try again tomorrow. Sorry!

Has it been so long already? Oh my.. The last months have been very busy. For all of us, probably. One of the things I wanted to change in the coming year was to write more regularly, but the year started with some illness here. We’re slowly moving back to normal though, so it’s time to turn back here. I have been knitting like a mad woman last months, enjoying it so much. One thing I planned to knit was a hat and matching scarf for my love to match his new coat. After spending two hours at the LYS I found just the right yarn and color for my project, a warm red. When I came home, I spoke with my mother on the phone, who told me she was knitting ‘a hat and matching scarf for my love to match his new coat’. My project ideas were put aside, the yarn left in the bag, until after Christmas I had another purpose for it. It is now being turned into a nursing bag for my baby. I love the color, and the yarn knits up very fast. Last two days, I managed a skein a day. It’s almost finished, though it might turn out a little too girlish for a baby-gender-unknown. But we’ll see..

Today I finally went to our local library to get me a membership. I had to go to a certain desk to fill in some forms, and then pay at the book takeout. Getting there, there was a little failure in my account, telling I had paid already. The lady at the desk couldn’t change anything anymore, so they gave me one year of library membership for free. That’s a nice little present! I got the book HypnoBirthing by Marie F. Mongan. I’m curious about her approach to giving birth, I hope it will still be a little down to earth.
And there is enough to read, since I got The Creative Family by Amanda Soule as a Christmas present! The first book I’m reading from her, after reading her blog daily for months now. I really do like it until now, but I’ve only read about twenty pages until now. Her writing style is positive and free, just like her blog. And from the first page on, she is just inspiring. I saw her book The Rhythm of Family is available at the library, this might be the next book I’m getting there.


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