Just a quick little note

Oh my, how time flies! Constantly, I do things I want to tell about, things I want to write about. But at the end of the day, I’m just so happy to switch off the computer and relax a little. What I’ve been up to: a lot. The biggest thing might have been, that we switched rooms for one-and-a-half (!!!) weeks. Our little girl has her own room now. It has been for a while when I started noticing, she was being distracted by our presence at night. She woke up at night very often, and sometimes only stopped crying when we put her bed outside, in the living room. Now with a baby coming, I didn’t want to have her and the newborn sleeping in the same room (she cried a lot in the evening, it the baby is going to be like that she will have major sleeping problems). So the decision was made: before the baby comes, she needs to have a place of her own, to be able to sleep really quietly. And it had to happen now, I didn’t want to wait untill the baby arrives. I’m a little afraid she will feel second-place anyway, and moving her out then would only make this worse. So we gave her the big master bedroom. And we moved our bed to the smallest room in the house. We have to get on the bed to open the window, I need to climb over my love when I need to get out of bed at night. But it’s cozy. Small, but cozy. And there is enough place left for the crib (this means, when we take out the door.. A curtain will come instead, but we still have some time left). This whole ‘moving’ ment, we had to change things in every room except for the bathroom. And it ment, I had to give up my sewing room. Now there is a little desk in there, an electric piano and a book shelf. It’s fine like that, I didn’t sew that much lately anyway. Oh wait, that was BEFORE the moving. AFTER the moving, I finished a maternity skirt (tutorial coming soon!), did a lot of repairing and made a finished-in-one-afternoon sweater. In the kitchen, in front of the window, which made lots of curious neighbours looking inside (you’re sewing! How nice! What are you making?). Well, they look inside anyway, we like this a lot. They are all great, we’re so lucky..
Besides moving and sewing, I finished knitting little miss Sara a hat. I also had one mitten finished, but I miscalculated a little. Her hands are a lot bigger than I thought.. Would be nice for a newborn. 🙂

By now, it’s getting really cool here, and my belly is growing enormously. My coat actually did not fit anymore. Good, I could close it, but it would move up, pulling my clothes with it, creating a naked back, no matter how many layers I would put on. So a coat is definitely needed here! I’ve now been looking for two months already, but my size is just difficult. And I don’t like to look like an elephant already, or like carrying a baby on my back. So last week I made the decision to sew a maternity coat myself. A pattern was needed, and the fabric. How to get a fabric without having time to go from shop to shop, and without spending too much money? I spent hours on the internet, searching. In the end, I found a fabric that I think is exactly what I need, but going to a shop might have been the quicker way. Though I couldn’t have done it on the couch, in the evening. Which is also worth something.. I found two patterns, one maternity and one wrap-coat (is this called like that?), without buttons. After two days of doubting, I chose the last one. Then my mother emailed me and told me, she had bought me a pattern and she would send it to me by mail. The other pattern I liked! So now, I’ll try to make a nice combination of the two. Today, the wrap-pattern arrived, so I can finally start copying and cutting out, while waiting for the fabric to come. It’s a 100% wool, very thick and heavy fabric in a dark marine blue. I think it will be lovely. And warm! I need to prepare for some heavy frost here, it has been three extreme winters in a row, and I am afraid it will be no different this year. The only problem I have now is not knowing if my sewing machine can handle the thick wool. But it’s a kind of felt wool, so I don’t need to secure the edges (oh, how time-saving this will be!), and I think I could do the sewing by hand, if necessary. Nice and warm on the couch at night. I’m going to get romantic now..

Oh my, I wanted to make Christmas presents by hand this year. Where did time go? Need to start the ‘elving’, as Amanda (http://www.soulemama.com/..

Since the moving-around, things somehow have been a little easier. Sara is sleeping better (mostly through the night, getting in at 7pm and waking up at 8am), things are more organised, and I have A LOT more working area in the kitchen. Did I mention already that we have a new couch? A neighbor asked us, if we were interested in her old couch. I took a look at this two-year-old, hardly used (!) ‘old’ thing, and decided we could use it. I am so happy with it! It looks brand new, and it makes our living room much more comfy. Things just look clearer, nicer, and it’s somehow easier to keep everything clean with the new way things are. All the toys are in Saras room, cleaning up there at night takes me three minutes, and the living room and kitchen just stay clean, empty, nice. This is a good feeling. Things need to be in order for me already.. Nesting?

A very, very big thing is that I started to read a BOOK today. I don’t really remember when that last happened. I had bought it for a while, and only the title already inspired me. It’s Organized Simplicity by Tsh Oxenreider, I’ll write about it when I get further.

A whole lot of words without pictures today. But as I said, a tutorial is planned on the maternity skirt (without a pattern!), and I hope to be able to post some pictures of finished projects soon. Things are happening here! Things I want to share. So I’ll try. And I’ll run around with my camera a little more.
Now: pattern copying!

What are you up to?


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