New shoes!

Just around the corner is a cute little second-hand children shop, selling mostly clothing, but books and toys as well. I really like to go there, as do most of the moms here. Everybody brings things that are too small, and buys other things. It’s something existing by all the parents in the neighbourhood. In the same building is a music school, in the street is a barber shop, a bike shop and a lovely Greek couple selling fruits and vegetables. Just a small, living street.
We took some time yesterday to look for new shoes for Sara. She doesn’t walk yet, but they do get out in the garden at daycare. With autumn coming closer, it would be best to get her some rain proof shoes, preferably before she would get out in the garden after a rainstorm. So we went to this children shop, where I immediately fell in love with a pair of old fashioned looking white shoes. I know, white. Rain, mud, daycare.. I know. It just was love at first sight. What to do about that? They look like they have only been worn a few times, since the sole is almost completely undamaged. The only major thing was, that this child (probably the first time wearing the shoes) walked in to black paint. One of the soles has a big, black spot. But also the white leather had lots and lots of spots. I was doubting what to do. Love, remember?
The lady in the shop took them over from me, and started polishing them. The black was off immediately! I didn’t think a second anymore and brought them home. My €4, actually new, shoes. Ok, Sara’s new shoes..

That evening at home, I started polishing. And polishing. And polishing. I even went to the shoe maker (also in the street), and bought some new polish. But something just didn’t work. I didn’t get an equal colour. I think I spent around three hours on them (it was dark already), using different kind of polish, until I was kind of satisfied. This lasted until this morning, when I saw them at daylight. I spent another hour removing the shoe polish with alcohol (poor shoes), which was the only thing I had at home. They are definitely clean now, no black spots, no other spots. Except for some places where I did too much rubbing. Now they look like this *sigh*..

I will start polishing again today. Hopefully I can show you a pair of wonderfully polished shoes in the next days!

Enjoy your day!



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