Busy day part two..

So, an update was promised, and I even managed :). I got a whole lot further in creating a nice place to work, today! I left the little one in the hands of her dad this morning, ignoring all the sound I heard coming from the living room and continued working. It is getting very nice, even though I will need another day. The fabrics have a place where I can actually see them, all the paperwork is sorted out and I finally have my craft books there where I need them. Besides, I made a bread this morning, did five piles of laundry (just some ironing left over), started to sort out the yarn I have and spent some afternoon time with my girl. At the end, the things I coulnd’t clean up yet I put back in my sewing room (I can actually start calling this messy room like that..) and will wait for another day (tomorrow!) to get their final spot. This is what it looks like right now. Just so that you know what I did when I show you the final result tomorrow..


Well, I know.. Still needs a lot of work. But that will happen during nap time tomorrow! And an emportant thing, the closets are empty! This meens lots of place to tuck things in. Oh, that was thought for my yarn, yes. Which is not on the picture. Hmm. I’ll get it done!

Now there are some unfinished never-going-to-be-finished knitting projects I will tare up. Fun, fun, fun..

And then: a nice bath! In a just-cleaned bathroom. Love that.. 😀

Have a nice weekend!


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