Vegan? Vegetarian? Or what?

I like reading blogs. A lot. One I’m visiting every night is Soule Mamas blog, who’s having some guests writers at the moment. One of the last was Heather Bruggeman, on her blog I found a great recipe for Lavender Lemonade. With my lavender in full bloom I decided it was the moment to try it out. I just love the taste of lavender..

I decided to leave it for a while, to let it develop the full taste. Tomorrow is promised to be hot, so I’ll have just the perfect drink!

When I was pregnant, I made my little baby girl a sheet. I finally had it out of the laundry and not in use, so that I could take a picture. A few more things I managed to get in front of the camera!

Baby sheet

The little pixie hat I knitted last week..

..which, of course, is not finished yet.

 Fully reversible Kimono Shoes

This might once be a baby bonnet. Who knows..

And what I have on my needles right now

I know, I have to give the poor table some colour again. I’m actually working on it! I had to get the old paint off first, but then all my neighbours were hanging out of their windows and I decided, I don’t necessarily have to do something like that on the Saturday afternoon. I will continue Thursday, or maybe even tomorrow, when I have time before I get to work. Sara’s having her first birthday in two weeks, and we’re expecting guests, so I have to hurry up! And it’s not the only thing being on the list..

Today I managed to finally open a Facebook account for Petite Daphne. I didn’t manage to get a link to in on the blog, but I’m working on it. Also I put my logo online! I made it myself and am actually quite happy with it. It’s my first experience with Vector Format, and it took me some time to find my way, but now it’s there! I’m not yet content with the green colour, I might change that. But it’s a start!

Accidentally, I found out about this blog, written by a young vegan woman. She inspired me to try to live a week without meat. Try to live should be taken quite literally here, since I just love, need, adore to eat meat of any kind. But we talked about it already for several times, a little less wouldn’t harm us, would it? Since I am more a person that goes left or right, not somewhere in between, I decided to skip meat, and animal products, for as far as possible the next week. Since I’m dairy free anyway, I didn’t see much of a problem. After my groceries, that took me to a great turkish shop in the neighbourhood, I found out that the three curry pastes I bought (why decide for one colour, when both green, yellow and red are delicious?) contain a little bit of shrimps. And after looking for recipes, it turned out I had bought enough for my ‘vegan’ week to be two weeks. 13 days. But already today (day two..) we ate some eggs, without me thinking about it. And this is actually no problem for me, since we only buy eggs of chicken living free. So we can’t call it vegan what we’re doing, we can’t really call it vegetarian either, even though I didn’t plan to eat the curry pastes every day. Anyway, the idea was there, and no other meat will come on our plates in the next week. I hope I’ll manage.
It’s not that I don’t want to eat meat at all anymore, I just want to take a short pause there, and look how I feel. And all the food tastes so different now. Like you finally actually taste the vegetables..
Now you might want to know what exactly we had for dinner. Yesterday it was a very nice red lentil curry, without any curry paste :), and today we had a surprisingly nice Palak Daal. It was just. So. Nice. I would only recommend to put in the spinach at the end, to have it a little less muddy..

That’s it for now! If you, like me, like to read blogs, take a look at Laura Jeanne at Getting There, I love to read about her life. Thanks for stepping by!


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