Back home

Little Sara and I had such a nice time in The Netherlands, visiting her grandparents and great grandparents, her uncle, and a lot of her fake aunts, also known as my friends. She enjoyed the attention of all those lovely people, who were all just in love with her immediately. It was just lovely being back for ten days, filled with visits, travelling, seeing the country, horse riding and going to the outdoor fabric market in Utrecht. Though I grew up around this city, I never knew there was this market and now finally went there for the first time (good, quite a long time in my life I thought sewing was just not cool enough for me, so it didn’t interest me to look for such a market). I gave myself a budget, with which I managed quite well. I spent about €65, coming home with two bags filled with the nicest fabrics. It was a huge market, with an enormous amount of fabrics. Of course it started raining, but hey, that didn’t bother us. Well, if you ever visit Utrecht, I can recommend going there on the Saturday. But be early! It’s quite full of people..

Here a little look on what was in one of the fabric filled bags..

Isn’t it nice? Seeing this makes me want to start making something, anything, right away!

I didn’t bring anything to work on with me, like some knitting. I don’t know why I figured out I could do a week without crafting. I guess it had something to do with packing my back in the late evening, after work, being tired and having clouds in my brain, only knowing I didn’t want to carry a too heavy bag. Anyway, after one day of biting my nails off and being bored so terribly (even though I did do visits and trips), I ran to the local crafts store, which is tiny and far too expensive, bought me some wool and knitted a little pixie baby hat. I felt so much better after that.. I just need to make something to bind it under the chin, than it’s finished completely and I will post a little picture. Somehow I just love anything you can put on a head. Especially on a cute little baby head.

Now we are home again, and after a long trip home on Sunday, work on Monday, resting on Tuesday (and starting to knit a baby blanket) and unpacking today (I’m terrible, I know.. It just takes time until I find the courage to open my bag). My nice fabrics are washed and ready to be sewn. Maybe tomorrow evening, when I return home from work.. So many things are in my mind. It’s like the fabrics understand, they just want to be used :).


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