Baby sun hat

Yesterday I managed to go to a fabric shop in town, unexpectedly. It keeps being a little adventure to me being in such a shop with a baby, either with pram or baby sling. She wants just to grab everything that she sees, putting things in her mouth, tearing packages apart, being mad when I don’t allow her. I know, they learn with their mouths. And as long as I’m buying what she gets into her hands, it’s no problem. I only can not bring home everything that she gets her hands on.. We managed to leave the shop with only two (!) things this time, including ribbon for my flag line, so that I could finally have finished it today. Could have.. I didn’t take enough ribbon, there is a meter too less.. Obviously, things are not working so well in my brain at the moment. So no flag line to show today. Maybe next time!

But I do have something else to show. Two blogs ago I wrote about a cute little baby sun hat, that I designed and sewed. Everybody just loves this little hat. And finally, there are some good enough pictures to share! 
It is a fully reversible hat, as you can see.. Don’t mind my plant standing there. I know it was thirsty. It was so hot, that I couldn’t water it enough..

 Next week I will visit The Netherlands, ten days back home. I am planning to visit a special fabric market in Utrecht, if the weather is nice enough. Which, back there, is always the big question..

Thanks for watching!

Petite Daphne


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