From time to time I decide, something definitely has to change. At the moment, it is this kind of time. The actual problem is having too much to do. And the more I have to do, the more difficult it gets to actually do something useful. So I spent hours and hours sewing this week, with nice results though. But what about doing the paper work, laundry, preparing my teaching, taking care of picking up my University studies after the summer break (which is a lot, I mean a lot, of work, with lots of forms having to be filled out, since I am a foreigner), and actually cleaning up and organising the house a little. Or a little more.. This might also be necessary. Somehow I just manage to close my eyes for the kind of chaos around me (ok, it’s not that bad, but still bothering me) and spent time with my baby in the back yard, having her play in her little ‘swimming pool’, watching her enjoy the cool water splashing around. I did some very unnecessary but oh so relaxing gardening. I made extremely cute baby shoes. I basically took a week off.

But now things have to be different. I actually want to stop consuming that much as I am. As most people are. So many things we just all throw away, so many money we just throw away. When I see the amount of things (clothes..) my little baby girl has in her closet, I almost get nauseous. Why on earth did I allow that to ‘happen’, better said, why did I buy, why did I let other ones buy, so much? Good, I kept saying we want more children, a big family, so we can use the things again. If I am so lucky to get more children. And if they will be girls. I can’t, with the best intentions, ever put on this one nice little oh so beautiful flower dress again (one out of.. six, seven?) if I won’t have girls in the future. To buy this things with the idea of using it for more children doesn’t work with all types of clothes. So I decided NOT to buy her ANYTHING in the next few months, except for maybe some underwear or really necessary things like rain booties in the autumn season. I’ll promise: I won’t buy them as long as she can’t walk.. Next, I decided to try to make as much as possible myself. If I can knit her a pullover, I can also knit her a second one and there you go: actually it’s enough! And if I’m designing and sewing anyway, why not make it for my own child?

Something else that I changed already for a few weeks (my week off was actually just running away from my not yet working plans to this-time-manage-to change my life) is that I’m now baking my bread myself. I started that for about four years, after I found out I should not eat wheat and rye products and noticing that buying Gluten-free bread was just getting too expensive over time. Despite for the fact that, after eating normal bread for my whole life, it was just a torture for me to actually swallow.. I’m giving singing lessons to the children of an amazing mother-of-four, who told me about a book that had recipes like ‘bread in five minutes a day’. Quite unbelievable to me.. I started looking for it anyway and found it very quickly: The book Artisan bread in five minutes a day is working so well for me! I actually manage to have tasty, fresh bread that is quick and inexpensive. What else do you want? Of course, I could not just buy the book and be happy. They told me I need a bread baking stone to get the best results. Immediately, I bought one (this was the falling-back-into-old-habits part of it). And I’m so happy I did it. It is absolutely a big difference, it gives the perfect crust and a nice crumb. In this book there is NO recipe for gluten-free bread (you can find that in the other book, I heard), but I just change the recipe into a spelt recipe, that works fine for me.

Last time I made the dough, and the bread afterwards, I made some pictures. Here they are!

 So, the start. My little girl gave me a little hand. The biggest problem making the dough was making sure she would not throw it on the ground. Doesn’t this look yummy?


The second part. It starts to look better!

Oh my.. Next time I will make less or take a bigger container..

And THIS is what came out of my oven! That actually looks very yummy to me! And it tasted very nice as well.

The inside of another loaf I made with the same dough.

I’m just so happy I found out about this book. At least this is working out very well! And the rest I will manage, somehow. I will try to have a life that is a little more simple in the next time. I will update how I’m doing..

To end with something very simple.. My loves birthday is in April. He always asked me to make him a real German Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte. I am neither German nor had I ever eaten a Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte in my life. I searched on the Internet for a recipe to surprise him with his favorite cake (of course he guessed it before I took it out of the fridge), and in the end I combined several of the recipes I found. He was the happiest man in the world when he got to eat the cake. He called it ‘perfect’. I have no idea how it should have tasted, but it was nice. So nice. And gone in two days.
I admit, I need a nice plate for cakes. I’m not such a big baker, so there was never the need to have a nice plate. Next time I will have one!

Oh, I would so like to have this in my fridge right now..

Thanks for watching!

Petite Daphne


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