Stitched baby towel

The exact day I found out I was pregnant of my little one, I heard my sister-in-law was expecting as well. I use to make something for the pregnant woman and/or the babys I know, but I could only focus on my own thing. Especially when the doctors told me to stay in bed from the 23th pregnancy week on. It was a crazy time, including moving into our new appartement, worrying about my little ones health, stitching birth announcement cards and preparing for the birth. In the end, my girl made me wait until a few days after the calculated date.

When I finally managed to make the son of my sister-in-law a little present, it ended up being a Christmas present. Since he was already half a year old, I decieded to make something he could use as a child. I wanted to make him a stitched towel, with a fun motive. The cross stitch I did on a Aida fabric, and I sewed it on the towel. I was quite happy with the result, the towel I bought was big, thick and so soft, and I loved the colour. I hope he will enjoy it when he gets a little bigger.

I didn’t find so much time to sew lately. I knitted a lot, though, but the need to sew was there. Last week my neighbor asked me to water her plants inside and on the balcony during her short holiday, since it’s so hot and dry at the moment. When I wanted to leave, suddenly I realized that a brand new (it looked like that..) sewing machine, pretty ribbons and nice fabrics were laying on her dining table. For me it’s part of the interiour of my home, so I didn’t even notice it. But after I conciously saw the nice things laying there, I realized: somebody is seriously sewing, creating things, just half a minute away from there I live! I got so excited! I left a welcome home note for her, with the question if we could maybe take time to sew together. Back at home I ran to my sewing machine, where I spent the last four days now. I just love it! First, I almost finished the flag line for my daughters 1st birthday (I just need to buy some perfect ribbon to give it the final touch), it measures about 4,5 meters. Then I decieded to do what I wanted to do for ages now: I am preparing a ‘collecion’ of children and baby things, to have for sale. The start was the cutest little baby sun hat, that I designed Wednesday afternoon and sewed Wednesday evening. It got so lovely, that I immediately started three more. If anybody would know me, they would be sold within minutes.. Now I’m not sure wether to keep the first one or not. It looks so adorable on my girl. To finish the next three, I need to buy some interfacing for the brim. So, time to go to my favorite kind of shop!
Next time, some pictures of the flag line and the sun hat. Maybe I will manage even more in the time..


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