Embrodered felt baby booties


It’s getting time for the first blog. I succeeded in creating an account for about four months, now writing was the problem. Beginning isn’t that easy, but I want to share the handcrafting I do. Maybe you like my work and my blog, which will, from now on, be updated regularly.. Of course.. I’ll give my best!

I started to make pictures of my projects for half a year ago. And I’m planning to catch up some things that I made before.

Now to start with, a pair of felt baby boots I made for the first birthday of my lovely little neighbor Nela.

They were very happy, though the boots were still a little too big. Sometime they will fit.. The inside is a thin blue felt, the outside is a thicker, more robust kind of felt. I stitched everything in quite a short time by hand (the few things I tried with the machine didn’t work out so well..), sewing it all together took most of the time. Because Nela is a little girl starting to take the first staps, I prepared the sole with an anti slide product, with which I wrote her name. Now a few pictures! 

The idea of this boots I got from the book “Scandinavian Needlecraft: 35 Step-by-step Projects to Create the Scandinavian Home” by Clare Yougns.I basically took the pattern, made it a little bigger (obviously too big..) and created the embrodery (also with some examples). I think the combination worked quite nicely. And I love this blue!

More projects will come in the next weeks. I hope you will come back!


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